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We are a company dedicated to creating a virtual version of cemeteries worldwide.

We intend to

  • Help in keeping alive the memory of our loved ones, remembering them on anniversaries or special dates and occasions.
  • Sharing information about them so that future generations can get to know them and remember them just like we do.
  • Make it easier for the relatives to connect to the cemetery so that they can feel their presence all year round. Especially for those who, due to living far away, find it hard to visit their graves.
  • Providing an additional source of funding to the cemetery, who will have the opportunity of offering products or services families of the deceased would like to have done.
  • Be an online tool for the relatives, facilitating them to look after the place where their loved one lays (grave cleaning, repainting of letters, photo maintenance, placing stones or flowers, etc.)

Building a virtual cemetery in 3 simple steps:


The cemetery gives Cloud Cemeteries the information needed for the creation of the virtual cemetery.


Cloud Cemeteries creates the virtual cemetery and customizes the website to improve user experience (images, available services, etc.)


Inauguration of the virtual cemetery on the cemetery’s website. In case of the cemetery not having one, a new website would be created.

What can be done in a virtual cemetery?

With various filters, search people buried in the cemetery and virtually visit their graves.
Subscribe to receive notifications for their anniversaries according to both Hebrew and Gregorian calendars.
Upload a profile picture of the deceased.
Light a virtual candle or place a virtual stone in remembrance.
Share anecdotes, memories, comments, pictures and videos in the guestbook.
Share your visits and actions on social media, so that your friends and family can enter the site and visit them as well.

More than 60 cemeteries use our platform

Cementerio Israelita de La Tablada (Argentina)

Cementerio Israelita de Berazategui (Argentina)

Cementerio Israelita de Liniers (Argentina)

Cementerio Israelita de Ciudadela (Argentina)

Cementerio Israelita de Córdoba (Argentina)

Cementerio Israelita de La Plata (Argentina)

Cementerio Israelita de Santa Fe (Argentina)

Cementerio Israelita de Moisés Ville (Argentina)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to pay for visiting the virtual cemetery?

No. The service is completely free for visitors: they can receive anniversary notifications, upload photos, share comments, and memories, just like on any social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram.

Charges will only apply for physical services at the cemetery, if contracted, such as cleaning the grave, repainting letters, placing flowers, etc.

Does visiting the website require creating a username and password?

No data is required from the visitor nor will a username or password be required. Only an email address will be requested in case of subscribing to anniversary notifications, send information or updates, as well as billing details if choosen to contract any phyisical services at the cemetery. Otherwise, the aim is to make the visiting experience as comfortable as possible for the bereaved.

What happens if someone uploads a photo or shares an inappropriate or offensive comment?

At Cloud Cemeteries we take the care and respect and memory of the deceased very seriously. Therefore, we make sure to avoid profanity and inappropriate comments.

All content uploaded to the guestbook is reviewed by a moderator, who will approve or disapprove it. Cloud Cemeteries’ interface makes moderation easy and takes no more than a few minutes. However, some approved content can be offensive or inaccurate for another visitor: in that case, there is the option to report content (texts or images), which will be reviewed again by moderation and the publications suspended until they have been reviewed.

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