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Do you have to pay for visiting the virtual cemetery?

No. The service is completely free for visitors: they can receive anniversary notifications, upload photos, share comments, and memories, just like on any social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram.

Charges will only apply for physical services at the cemetery, if contracted, such as cleaning the grave, repainting letters, placing flowers, etc.

Does visiting the website require creating a username and password?

No data is required from the visitor nor will a username or password be required. Only an email address will be requested in case of subscribing to anniversary notifications, send information or updates, as well as billing details if choosen to contract any phyisical services at the cemetery. Otherwise, the aim is to make the visiting experience as comfortable as possible for the bereaved.

What happens if someone uploads a photo or shares an inappropriate or offensive comment?

At Cloud Cemeteries we take the care and respect and memory of the deceased very seriously. Therefore, we make sure to avoid profanity and inappropriate comments.

All content uploaded to the guestbook is reviewed by a moderator, who will approve or disapprove it. Cloud Cemeteries’ interface makes moderation easy and takes no more than a few minutes. However, some approved content can be offensive or inaccurate for another visitor: in that case, there is the option to report content (texts or images), which will be reviewed again by moderation and the publications suspended until they have been reviewed.

How does someone who hires a service know that it was finished?

When contracting a paid service, the cemetery employee will send a “proof of service”, a photo that will be sent to the customer, all on the Cloud Cemeteries platform. Thus, if repainting of letters is required, the cemetery will send you a photograph showing the performed work.

Could the site be hacked and access information about the users who visited?

No website is exempt from computer attacks. However, Cloud Cemeteries has the highest security, maintenance and updating policies for its servers, aimed at avoiding cyber attacks and loss or leak of sensitive information.

Is there any relation between virtual grave and physical grave?

Cloud Cemeteries creates a virtual version of the actual cemetery: this means that all people buried in the cemetery have a web version that can be visited.

How is the database of deceased people updated?

Through an automatic process, Cloud Cemeteries updates the information of the people buried in the cemetery. As soon as a deceased person is buried in the cemetery, the virtual grave is available.

How long does the virtual cemetery remain on the Web?

As with social media, there is no set time limit on how long information can be shared. As long as the website is online, the information shared by visitors will be there.